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What type of buyer are you?

After running a web design business for over 16 years and wearing every hat from marketing, sales, design to billing I have started to see a definite pattern on who buys and who is just a lookie loo. I would assume that the people that insist on a one on one meeting and want to spend 1 hour talking with me are serious buyers. I can tell you that historically the people that just talk to me on the phone are 99% more likely to hire me within 1 week then the people who I meet with who spend 1 hour (or longer) talking with me. NOW you might think well it’s you Debbie….but I blog this because they NEVER end up hiring anyone else!!!…they either DO NOTHING or try and do it themselves and I’ve seen this over and over and over….. I am wondering if on those questionnaires I’ve seen on different types of business websites that have a section that says “will you be buying now or 1 to 2 months or 5 to 12 months later” are looking for this issue to be resolved before they even give you a moment of their time?…. It’s a strange phenomenon ….these are the people that 99 percent of the time seem on the phone in a rush to get a new website and talk about how they need it done quickly and even ask how quickly I can get it done…..but then you meet with them and they do nothing….. It’s hard to know what to do because I believe everyone should meet with me and also scour my work to make sure you like my style so if someone calls and they want to meet with me I still will go and have faith that I will get the project and a nice client web designer relationship will be born!

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After the site is completed conversation with a client

ok so a little more web design website humor for you….this involves logo placement, and photo placeholders..