Can you be too accommodating to your clients to the point where you lose in the end?  I believe it is so important to have a process, set boundaries and don’t deviate from what has worked in the past.  I just had an experience where I was too accommodating, didn’t set clear boundaries and wavered from my tried and true 16 years working process with clients.

I agreed to work in a clients home and was expected to start and finish a brand new website in a matter of a few hours.  This 100% went against my work style and policies.  Because the expectation was unreasonable and the work environment was hot, noisy, and the internet was not working correctly I was not able to finish and was only paid 1/3 of what was originally agreed to.  I over accommodated and as much as you want to make your clients happy sometimes you just have to say no and keep your process in check.  Lesson learned…….

I think in general people have preconceived ideas of how long it should take to design a website or put all the components of a website together.  They may think what they ask for should only take 3 hours……If I give you the example of a blank white canvas like you buy at a local art supply store and a palette of paints maybe I can make my point more clearly.  Sure I can take a brush and grab blue and paint onto the blank canvas in 1 second…..but how long does it take to create a Picasso?  There are paint by number artists that can duplicate a famous painting in 1 hour where it may have taken Picasso 2 months to create that very same piece of art…who knows… I can’t speak for other web designers but I don’t charge for my time I charge for a completed project….and I estimate 1 to 2 weeks for a brand new website for this reason.

I have a process and it is the following:

1. Meet with client or talk on the phone 2. send proposal, 3. get hired/get 50% deposit, 4. get all copy, photos and videos from client, 5. complete the project within 1 to 2 weeks, 6. provide client with draft, make revision, 7. get 50% balance, 8. launch live website on clients hosting server.