Being a creative person and being able to do what you love is a wonderful thing. But individuals that choose this type of work will still have to navigate around client relationships. There is no way around it…you are a freelancer and you have to have clients. In the many years I have had my business I have come across many issues…..some happen only once in 18 years some happen repetitively and with certain personality types. So at one point I had a 10 page contract and every issue was covered….

1. You have looked at my portfolio and you like my style. If you give me nothing but a logo you are giving me free reign based on my design style to do what I believe is in your best interest. If you don’t like what I do at DRAFT 1 I would charge an additional fee to redesign the website.

This is very important and something I need to put back on my contract.

2. Abuse Clause…yes I had at one time an abuse clause. ABUSE is when you need to meet more then my set time for meetings. I meet with a client 1 time to get hired…..everything is sent to me via US Mail and electronically via email. All images and copy need to be sent to me via email or US MAIL. I do not meet for a 2nd time to collect payments or materials for the website. I do not accept more then a certain amount of emails from a client…..10 seems excessive. Phone calls I do not gather information via phone calls….all information, or draft changes must be in writing via email. I may be working on other projects and I need hard copies to refer back to….Your emails will be put into a folder with your name on it. If I tell you 2 to 4 weeks and you are the reason I am still working on the site 2 months later this falls into abuse and will be charged at an hourly rate until completion. Please do not ask me to talk on the phone so you can tell me some changes….please do it only in writing.

3. Payment…..I charge a 50 percent deposit and this is non refundable. In 18 years doing this I know for a 100 percent fact that I will use up the 50 percent deposit right after I am hired…that means I do work, put my time into your project and no matter what happens in the end that time and money has been spent. The balance is due normally before I put the website on your hosting server….most of the time I end up putting the site on the hosting server and wait for my final payment…..Payment is due within 24 hours of me finishing whether it’s on your hosting server or not..

My 10 page contract seemed intimidating and most didn’t want to take the time to read it and seemed put off by it but it PROTECTED ME from the very problems I am having this year with various new clients. So in conclusion please know a web designer has to have boundaries and you have to abide by them…fair is fair…