Why should I hire Debbie Levin

You should hire me because you like the quality of my work, the look and feel and the functionality of my work that you see on my portfolio.  You should hire me because I have over 16 years experience, over 100 happy clients some of which have given me rave reviews in my testimonials section and through formal letters you can view under client letters, you feel comfortable with my pricing, and lastly you feel I can provide you with products and services that will point you in the direction of your future online success!

Do you provide hosting and domain name registrations and renewals?

I can host your website or I can setup hosting with godaddy.com on your behalf.  I can also purchase domain names for you or I can purchase domain names through godaddy.com on your behalf.  At the end of the year I will remind you that your hosting and domain name(s) need to be renewed.

Can you do updates to my wordpress or joomla websites?

Yes, you would just have to provide me with the Login (username and password):

For WordPress


For Joomla


How is your pricing established?

I base my pricing on historical time that it takes with the client to start and finish a project.  I prefer to price by project vs hourly as I work sporadically throughout the day, some days I am working on a clients project and answering the phone, selling and marketing my business and out on appointments.  So charging by hour is not feasible.  I gather all the information from the client and establish how much time I will spend on the project and then I charge accordingly.  My pricing is lower then many other companies and it is higher…..

Do you work with Yahoo Sitebuilder or Godaddy Website Builder?

No, these website builders are for the consumer and it is too limiting in it’s design and functionality.  I can switch you over to a HTML version of your website or a WordPress version of your website instead.

If I hire you to create a brand new website how long will that take?

This depends on the size of the website, the complexity of the website and how long it takes for the client to provide me with all that is needed to complete the website which includes copy and photos.

I might be putting together a 5 page website, and your gallery is going to contain 100 pictures, then that project will take longer to complete.

A five page website where I have received all the copy and the photos from the client can be completed in 1 to 2 weeks.

I will let you know how long I believe the project will take to complete in my proposal.

What is your process?

Hiring Process:

I will speak with you via email, then by phone.  If you would like to meet then I will meet with you.  I will gather as much information as possible then prepare and email you a pdf proposal of what I will be doing and my pricing.

After I am hired I request a 50 percent deposit.

Website/updates/seo/logo design/ Process:

I will request from you copy, photos, and links to sites you like the design or logos you like the design so I can see what direction you want to go to.  It’s just like an interior designer, they need to know if you want contemporary, modern, mediterranean, etc.  I will send you a list of what I need from you.

Draft Process

After I send the draft of the project I request that within 24 hours the client reviews and approves what I have done or sends revisions.  Edits and revisions will be made and the client will review for the 2nd time and make any final edits and revisions.  The client will then review and approve and the project will go live.  Any revisions or edits after the 2nd will be billed at $65.00 per hour.

Payment Process

I request a 50 percent deposit before starting all projects

Final payment on websites, website updates must be received within 24 hours after completion of project.  SEO is billed at 3 months up front before work is started.

Will you create my website in WordPress, HTML or PHP & will I be able to edit it myself?

If you have a specific request to create your website in either WordPress, HTML or PHP I will honor your request.  If you want to edit the website yourself then I would create your website in WordPress.

If you do not then I will make the decision for you after I am hired.