On my proposal I put 2 to 3 week turnaround time.  It is in my best interest to finish in a timely manner since I run my business on deposits and balances.  Throughout the month deposits and balances from various new and current clients are coming in.  It’s a nice balance.  Some clients hire me and have EVERYTHING I need to complete their website, logos, copy, photos and even layout designs.  So that client would most likely get their website in the estimated turn around time stated on their invoice/proposal.  But the client that has given nothing or almost nothing more time will lapse.  I never pressure my clients or force them to send me what I need.  I give all my clients free reign to send me what I need to complete their website when they are ready.   Sure I nudge them along here and there but if you are not ready I have another client that is and I will be working on their website awaiting your photos, copy and or logos……

A website needs a logo, menu items, those are the pages you will click on from the home page to take you to the inside pages of the website. Most clients websites have four menu items, ABOUT, SERVICES, TESTIMONIALS, FAQs, CONTACT.  For each of those pages you would provide copy/text, and photos.   For your contact page you would send me what you want on that page, ie., a form, name of company, phone number, social networking icons, ect….

This is not magic…..this is no different then if you walked into a print shop and wanted a 3 fold brochure to be created…….You can’t just say i want a brochure and walk out the door.  You would have to give the printer all your content for the front and the inside and the back of the brochure.  This is your business and you know it best…we just put it all together for you so you have something GREAT to represent you SERVICE, COMPANY, PRODUCTS and or BRAND!

*** If you have a DEADLINE that must be stipulated in our original agreement.  But please note if you give me nothing or almost no content the site cannot be completed by the deadline.  That just makes common sense right?