I can tell you that for my business I hear both ends of the spectrum on what is the best back end for clients websites.  First of all the industry of web design is not regulated and therefore every web designer and web design company have a different opinion and can and DO and SAY anything they want and THEY DO SAY AND DO ANYTHING THEY WANT!.  Who is to say who is right??  Last week a client talked to someone that filled their head with the importance of WordPress and the next week a future client called that said his web company LAUGHED when he mentioned WordPress…..so right then and there I see in 2015 web professionals saying two conflicting statements.    I can tell you that I have clients with WordPress and without.  I have clients that do very well WITHOUT WordPress that have very successful and profitable websites and I have clients that HAVE WordPress that have very successful and profitable websites…..so for me I cannot tell a client one is better then the other.

I fought for years not to get involved with WordPress because it’s template driven and I am a custom web designer.  I would open photoshop and create a custom design perfect for that client that matched their existing branding.  WordPress started off as a BLOG not a website.   But my website you are looking at is 100 percent Worpress driven and I used the bones of a template and customized for my purposes.  This same site could have been created outside of wordpress in HTML or PHP but I thought I would try something different and see how it works for me so I can have an opinion to present to a client in the future.